Adam Davison, Sales & Marketing Director, Cloud Distribution

Shelley has done an absolutely tremendous job running Marketing for Cloud Distribution over the past few years, from launching new vendors through to assisting partners to generate sales leads.

We have benefited greatly from the flexibility “Marketing as a Service” provides – having exactly the right skills at the right time on tap from her and her small, focused, team at times of peak load – and being able to turn it down again when we have needed to do so. It’s a great model for a growing business and she is as committed as any permanent member of staff, orchestrating her team to help her deliver against objectives, on time and within budget.

She has continually demonstrated the ability to understand new technology, shown skill in creative copy writing, lead generation campaigns, event creation and execution, PR, as well as consulting on our overall marketing planning.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work right across the IT Channel.