From firefighters to Ghostbusters

Last week we looked at the changes the world and the IT industry have witnessed since the PAV story began back all the way back in 1988. As the next in our series of featured blogs marking our 30 year anniversary, we’re looking at how working environments and company setups have changed, and the demands […]

Ready for GDPR? European Blockbuster Hitting Your Screens in 2018

2017   Disney’s latest offering, Beauty and The Beast, is hitting the multiplexes as we speak. Next year, the EU will officially release a blockbuster of its own that will hit companies in the solar plexus if they don’t start thinking about the measures they need to take. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – beautiful[…..]

Marketing as a Service – Transforming Business Performance

The trend towards renting rather than owning is picking up pace in all aspects of life, more often becoming a lifestyle choice rather than a forced need.  Whether it’s tech, homes, cars, getting your hands on something you want and need without the burden of long term ownership, commitment and debt is becoming increasingly attractive.[…..]